The album is finished! Well, the recording part of it is done. Now we trudge through the making of the product. The hard copy. Exciting stuff, depending on which side of this you’re on. 🙂 Sooo, while you (and we) wait, enjoy the impromptu performances on our YouTube channel. If you love us, give our channel a follow. We’ll love you forever. xo

Eyes Like Birds on YouTube

Be sure to check the descriptions on the videos for some insight into the song’s content and lyrics!  Here’s an example:


Foresight ’44

“On the Ides of March 2015, Eyes Like Birds thought it would be a good idea to shimmy up to Skyline Drive and hike up to the chimney on the Mary’s Rock trail in Shenandoah National Park and record a few vidyas.

Turns out that whole, “Beware the Ides of March” thing was for real. Et tu?

Dead camera phones, broken strings, forgotten equipment and lungs, liver, knees and toes, knees and toes.

We can still have fun. Shout out to the hikers who kept us company during this little pop-up-hoedown.

The only backstory here is that sometimes when we try to anticipate problems we can create them. The only way through that is a little bit of sure-footed blind navigation. I don’t wanna be too quick to call it faith, but maybe that’s what it is.


I think I’m coming down with whatever’s spreading through town
Kicking dirt around, filling holes yet to be found

Every time I try foresight my thoughts get ahead of me

Lean into the stone, though from here you can’t see home
Comforts we’ve outgrown, fickle warmth, embers in the stove

Inside jokes on the outside, broken folks trying to fix their minds

I nearly feel for it, open door since the day we met
How could I forget, misery loves a houseguest

Every time I try foresight my thoughts get ahead of me”


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